Roof Restorations: Metal, Tin, Iron and Colorbond

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Cleaning Procedure for Colorbond, Metal and Iron Roofs:

To comply with council regulations, gutter Traps are put in place to redirect dirty water and to stop it from going into the storm water drains.

All excess dirt, grime, moss, mould/lichen and other contaminates are removed using a high pressure water blast at a minimum of 3000 PSI. Flaking paint is removed to provide a sound clean surface.

Rusty screws are removed where required and spot-primed using Etch Primer prior to the application of any top coats for maximum adhesion.

Coating System for Colorbond, Metal and Iron Roofs:

Once the roof has been prepared appropriately, the entire roof will then be primed with Etch Primer.

Etch Primer is a non-toxic anti corrosive pigmentation with rapid drying and re-coat time.

This product has the ability to etch itself into the previous substrate for maximum adhesion and longer lasting protection

Subsequent coatings as follows:

1st Coat: Globalcote Roof Membrane

2nd Coat: Globalcote Roof Membrane

*Globalcote Roof Coatings come in a huge range of fantastic colours and comes with a 10 year written warranty on Materials and Workmanship

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